Frequently Asked Questions! Find your answers

Currently we are accepting only All Crypto ( Bitcoin , ETH , Litecoin , XRM and many more / PerfectMoney / Paypal as payment method.

Regular Packages - Each stress test sent only by our Public Nodes(Dedicated Servers).
Dedicated Spoofing Server - Each stress test is send using a dedicated server In order to get atleast 100 gbps of power per stress test for Dedicated Customers..

Layer 4 - Should usage only against servers/home connections.
Layer 7 - Should usage only against websites/webservers.

Submit a ticket with your last logins details + payments proofs..

Yes We do , please contact live chat.

No we Dont.

We do not provide any guarantee that your stress test will cause the target to be Offline. If your target does not go offline then provably it more protected than our stress test power. Please upgrade your plan.

Yes, you're not allowed to stress more than 50 hosts a day, we do this in order to keep our network unsaturated..

We do NOT offer any kind of free trials / free boot tests.